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FOXE is an affordable SEO services company based in European Union.

Our area of expertise are SEO services, local SEO services and affordable small business SEO services worldwide.

We offer two local SEO packages and two Global SEO packages.


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FOXE SEO price list:

We offer affordable prices starting from $200/Month.

  • local SEO pricing for local companies and individuals (plumbers, doctors, lawyers, etc.):
    • silver 3-5 keywords $100 / Month
    • gold 6-10 keywords $200 / Month
  • Global SEO for keywords like bike, guitar, laptops, etc. - pricing packages and prices
    • platinum 11-20 keywords $500 / Month and
    • diamond 20+ keywords $1000 / Month.

Our SEO services are based on best and safe SEO practices and we continuously conduct SEO research.

Our focus:

  1. detailed keyword research allows us to find better keywords then other can find
  2. interesting for reader, valuable and well-structured content containing the keywords with proper diversity
  3. proper website interlinking
  4. good quality external links
  5. continuous monitoring of rankings

How we do it

  1. We analyze a) our client's niche and competitors and b) we do keywords research using not only tools but some kind brainstorm and deep and detailed client's niche analysis. Using this technique we can find much more then other can find using well-known tools. As a result we usually find better converting keywords for our clients. Then we discuss this keywords with our client.
  2. We improve client's website meta tags and internal linking and structure, URLs and all the details search engines and their bots like.
  3. Our client or a someone we hire (English native writer) writes few articles with given keywords. We publish these articles on client's Website.
  4. Be build external links for client.
  5. We monitor client's positions in Google for given keywords using SERPFOX. We also give our client URL and passwords to his rankings in SERPFOX.


You can trust us. Our SEO services are absolutly save

Our services are absolutely save. We don't use spammy links and we focus and valuable, well optimized content and proper

interlinking. Finally we provide you with access to SERPFOX so that you can easily monitor your rankings.


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Send us an email with your site address and plan you are interested in to: [email protected] with your site address and plan you are interested in.

FOXE is an UE registered company. We issue all necessary invoices for our services.